This space showcases my work as an architect as well as projects that I am passionate about - interior design, window display and event conceptualization.

In my work I strive to find the connection between architecture and design in every way possible. I am drawn to minimalism, soft colors, unique textures, natural materials, and the aesthetic rather than the practical purposes. Employing diverse materials and techniques I like to explore the aesthetics of time and space, natural and artificial, traditional and contemporary. I like to find beauty in most mundane things, bring them to life and create that special moment of appreciation and surprise that arises between the viewers and the work. 

My projects are led from the passion of creating new spaces. I often start a design outside of the realm of architecture, utilizing nature, raw materials, objects, and situations - sometimes inspiration flows from a visit to the garden or a glimpse of a creatively-designed plate of food in a restaurant. I transform these elements into architecture by discovering what kind of space they can create, be they window displays, event stages, or even just a setting for a dinner table. I enjoy the process of transformation, focusing on projects that are of a temporary nature. 

I hope you that you feel inspired going through albums and continue to return again and again. If you find my work interesting and have a question or would like to know about the ways we could collaborate, feel free to send me an email: sanja.djorcev@gmail.com